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Noun1.directiveness - the quality of being directive
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
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An important finding in the subsequent mediation analysis was that parents with the highest degree of responsiveness were also found to have the lowest levels of directiveness in play with their children (Mahoney & Solomon, 2016).
In line with the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 and the directiveness of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, we are encouraging active participation of the sector and creating employment opportunities to Saudi nationals while cultivating a knowledge-base for the future of renewables within the country."
Project manager competencies identified by the Project Management Institute Unit of competence Competency cluster Achievement and Action Achievement orientation Concern for order, quality, and accuracy Initiative Information seeking Helping and Human Service Customer service orientation Interpersonal understanding Impact and Influence Impact and influence Organizational awareness Relationship building Managerial Teamwork and cooperation Developing others Team leadership Directiveness: Assertiveness and use of positional power Cognitive Analytical thinking Conceptual thinking Personal Effectiveness Self-control Self-confidence Flexibility Organizational commitment Source: Project Management Institute (2002).
Even though tutors in the writing center have authority as a result of their positions as tutors, the power dynamics of the teacher-tutor-student triumvirate prompts directiveness in a way the reciprocal dynamic in the writing center does not--but only when that directiveness is used to tutor according to the curriculum established by the writing program and classroom teacher.
and "public indefeasibility." Personal directiveness means
Tutorial 1: Mali's directiveness. Mali tends to control the direction of Tutorial 1.
Absence of supervisor's criticism, directiveness (M5, M6): 'There weren't accusations or interpretations.
Directiveness in teachers' language input to toddlers and preschoolers in day care.
My directiveness stands in contrast to my approach to long-term therapy, where I allow the dialogue to 'drift' in a free associative way, and I can trust that unconscious themes will gradually be revealed through this more unstructured approach.
Dinitz and Harrington found that tutors with disciplinary expertise were able focus on global, rather than local concerns; in contrast, "Many of the limitations we noted in sessions related to directiveness, with the tutor's lack of disciplinary expertise causing them not to be directive enough or the tutor's content knowledge causing them to be too directive" (94).
The authors of the instrument subjected each set of items into principal axis factor analysis (PAF), extracting four factors from the authoritative style (warmth/involvement with 11 items, reasoning/induction with seven items, democratic participation with five items, and good nature/easy going with four items), four factors from the authoritarian style (verbal hostility with four items, corporal punishment with six items, non-reasoning/punitive strategies with six items; and directiveness with four items), and three factors from the permissive style (lack of follow-through with six items; ignoring misbehavior with four items, and self-confidence with five items).

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