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adj. dir·er, dir·est
1. Warning of or having dreadful or terrible consequences; calamitous: a dire economic forecast; dire threats.
2. Urgent; desperate: in dire need; dire poverty.

[Latin dīrus, fearsome, terrible; akin to Greek deinos.]

dire′ly adv.
dire′ness n.
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This time there was no mistaking the matter; all the household knew that some great catastrophe was going to happen which was likely direly to affect Master George.
The council had decided to take concrete measures for making functional all 25 laboratories to provide facility of water quality testing which was direly needed, an official in PCRWR said.
While addressing the MoU ceremony, Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha said it was direly needed to work on food safety and food security issues under one health concept.
Addressing the ceremony, Ch Pervaiz Elahi said that such a welfare project was direly needed in the area.
But unfortunately, skewed priorities were given preference over the ones which were direly needed to be implemented for the welfare of the people.
The need to have such cab-service in the valley is being direly felt by local commuters and tourists visiting Kashmir.
The situation is getting worse, this Ramazan I direly felt that majority of parents in Tharparkar are not able to manage bread for the children, and how they would manage smiles of Eid on the faces of their children?
The chief minister said the presence of polio disease in Pakistan was a matter of concern and the ulema had always played effective role in the protection of social and moral values, and today their role was direly needed against the disease.
Rural areas, especially villages like Dasht, are deprived of even a simple dispensary, and doctors are direly needed to serve in rural areas.
"Pakistan is surrounded with issues the country direly needs unity."
Residents believe that the widening of the expressway was direly needed as the recurrent traffic jams were causing difficulties on daily basis.
Yes, there are the naysayers, labeling the act everything from a giveaway to corporations and the wealthiest among us to a "massive attack on the middle class" to "apocalyptic," as Nancy Pelosi direly suggested.