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a.1.Directed by a central authority; as, a dirigiste economy; with respect to economics, opposed to free-market. See also dirigisme.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Changing Dimensions of Malaysian Trade: Beyond Laissez Faire and Dirigiste Approaches".
Of course, if history is any indication, the shift from a dirigiste state to a regulatory one will not be easy.
Thus, when Bauer warned against lofty expectations of growth, he did so typically as part of a critique of forced industrialization and other dirigiste schemes.
* The impossible-competition argument: We cannot compete against a dirigiste and even totalitarian country like China.
French tech firms welcome Macron's support and accept that he wants a break from the 'dirigiste' French tradition of the past, when the government would pick national winners and throw subsidies at them to keep them afloat.
During what the book portrays as the golden age of liberal democracy, which coincides with the 30 years after World War II to which the French refer as les trenteglorieuses, France was arguably the very embodiment of undemocratic liberalism: a dirigiste state run by a technocratic elite guided by a strong executive with little input from a docile and subservient parliament.
By eliminating many of the inefficiencies inherited from their socialist or otherwise dirigiste pasts, these countries were putting their capital and labor to increasingly good use.
If productivity is the problem, we need more dynamism, not less, more openness, not less, more growth-oriented policies, not more dirigiste and redistributive ones.
Both collapses occurred in a strikingly similar pattern: propagation of populist and dirigiste policies that burdened the private sector, followed closely by inflationary deficit financing, hyperinflation, war in alliance with inferior neighbors, and, finally, conquest by these seemingly far less powerful allies.
E que tu mesmo, conforme disseram os que assistiram, te dirigiste assim ao deus em Delfos, elogiando-o com esta frase, que, segundo dizem, deixaste escrita: