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1. A full-skirted dress with a tight bodice and low neck, often worn with an apron.
2. A full skirt with a gathered waistband.

[German, short for Dirndlkleid : German dialectal Dirndl, diminutive of Dirne, girl (from Old High German diorna) + Kleid, dress.]


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a woman's dress with a full gathered skirt and fitted bodice; originating from Tyrolean peasant wear
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a gathered skirt of this kind
[German (Bavarian and Austrian): shortened from Dirndlkleid, from Dirndl little girl + Kleid dress]


(ˈdɜrn dl)

1. a dress with a close-fitting bodice and full skirt in Tyrolean style.
2. a full, gathered skirt attached to a waistband or hip yoke.
[1935–40; < German Dirndl, short for Dirndlkleid=Dirndl young woman + Kleid dress (see cloth)]


A full skirt gathered tightly at the waist, or a dress with this kind of skirt.
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Noun1.dirndl - a full skirt with a gathered waistband
gathered skirt - a skirt whose fabric is drawn together around the waist
2.dirndl - a dress with a tight bodice and full skirt
dress, frock - a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice


[ˈdɜːndl] Nfalda f acampanada
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"I was going for the junkyard romantica look so, after sewing a dirndl skirt, I stuck on rhinestones and plastic flowers.
The contest is a tribute to the classic 1956 "I Love Lucy" episode "Lucy's Italian Movie," in which Lucy, her red hair tucked in a kerchief and wearing a peasant blouse with a dirndl skirt tucked up around her knees, stomps grapes barefoot - and ends up fighting a fellow grape-stomper who thinks Lucy is not working hard enough.
Ria Vergara, JC Buendia made a dirndl skirt of traditional malong fabric with a lavender dyed pina top and veil.
If you dislike the way you look in a dirndl skirt, picking up a vintage pattern with a dirndl element won't change the way you feel about dirndls, no matter how cute or glamorous the vintage illustration is.
CINCINNATI -- Picture this: A woman walking down the street wearing a dirndl skirt and bust-hugging bodice paired with ankle boots.
Fingering the delicate lace mantilla of the Spanish doll, the tiny dirndl skirt of the Swiss, the gold flecks on the Mexican's sombrero, or the shiny black boots of the Russian was an unmatched pleasure, a flight of fancy to faraway regions of the imagination, to rivers and mountains and steppes, to languages and sounds, to songs and dances that were as exotic to us as the Orient had been to the European imagination.
- ALBERT FARROW, Middlesbrough Over the heads of the crowd in a dirndl skirt BACK in the Fifties I played for British Rail Ladies Football team in Middlesbrough (not so much publicity then).
I wore a black dirndl skirt adorned with two felt poodles - tres chic - and a scarlet and white polka dot dress in a fine cotton.
"Take something you already have in the closet, say the dirndl skirt from last season, and make it into this season's bubble skirt," Ms.
For that big summer soiree, Bill Blass (NY) offers a gorgeous classic princess ball gown with lace halter bodice over a full taffeta dirndl skirt, all tied together with pale teal ribbon.
Something in me cannot bear to part with the shorts that looked rather flattering twenty years ago or the dirndl skirt that seemed so charmingly rustic in a little Greek island shop window.
The thought of questioning the line of neatly placed vest, liberty bodice, blouse, pullover, dirndl skirt, long socks and anorak never entered our heads.