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Where the sidehill touched the water he dug up a shovelful of dirt and put it into the gold-pan.
Ah, but WE are pretending to be dirt like that, too.
No," replied her friend very placidly, "I know you never mind dirt.
Here he found a bench and a table standing upon the dirt floor near the wall, and set in the wall several rings from which depended short lengths of chain.
THE PURCHASER of a black servant was persuaded that the color of his skin arose from dirt contracted through the neglect of his former masters.
This was a tumble from his horse; by which, however, he received no other injury than what the dirt conferred on his cloaths.
There ain't no dirt here--and there's mighty little else.
It was offered to one of Victoria's sons, and afterwards to various other younger sons of royalty who had no thrones and were out of business, but they all had the charity to decline the dreary honor, and veneration enough for Greece's ancient greatness to refuse to mock her sorrowful rags and dirt with a tinsel throne in this day of her humiliation--till they came to this young Danish George, and he took it.
Only a chechaquo'd fool around that pasture long enough to fill a pan of dirt.
If you please, 'um, it was Miss Maggie as pushed her in," said Sally; "Master Tom's been and said so, and they must ha' been to the pond, for it's only there they could ha' got into such dirt.
After this escape, I was content to take a foggy view of the Inn through the window's encrusting dirt, and to stand dolefully looking out, saying to myself that London was decidedly overrated.
I got dis can fer dat ol' woman an' it 'ud be dirt teh swipe it.