dirt cheap

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Adj.1.dirt cheap - very cheap; "a dirt cheap property"
cheap, inexpensive - relatively low in price or charging low prices; "it would have been cheap at twice the price"; "inexpensive family restaurants"
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It's all ready to put on the boards, and dirt cheap at five thousand."
Bargains picked up dirt cheap! A bit o' damage here an' there, as can be cut out, or else niver seen i' the wearin', but not fit to offer to rich folks as can pay for the look o' things as nobody sees.
"Dirt cheap!" says the Sergeant, with a heavy sigh.
'Five bob,' replied Miss Mowcher, 'and dirt cheap, my chicken.
If you fancy a dirt cheap - but delicious - lunch, then we've got a few examples of what's on offer on the Squirrel's new menu.
Can we rely on steel imports from China which are dirt cheap at present, and steel, like other commodities, is subject to market forces?
Byline: Ian DOYLE He'll do some dirty deeds dirt cheap - if he's not still blocked!
It was insane, and by the time they broke into the timeless riff of AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, most of the band were lost inside the crowd that filled every inch of the sizeable Barras stage.
As long as it remains dirt cheap, farmers will have little incentive to use it diligently.
31 -- Early yesterday, word spread that Microsoft's $15 upgrade offer for Windows 8 had a loophole that would allow anyone to get the new OS for dirt cheap. Well, the boys at Redmond were quick to catch on and have patched the loophole.
Each restaurant gets comments, which are categorised like "dirt cheap" or "good and cheap," or has notes about his favourite dishes.
The last time we saw someone under-cutting competition this way was Sony, when it priced the PS3 at dirt cheap prices, only to see it in almost every home and make profits there-after.