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" It's an understatement for Pacquiao to say he was "dirt poor." But he rose to occasion, using the sport of boxing as a ticket out of poverty.
The twist in the story is that Sophia Zaragoza was born dirt poor, and the ghost of a young girl she met at the cemetery will change her.
As for down and out dirt poor countries what happened to 'Britishness' and help your neighbour?
'One important issue, however, is not being given the same prominence and importance-that of small coconut farmers and the reasons they remain dirt poor,' he said.
The dirt poor brothers are the baddies but driven by the injustices of the modern age.
Synopsis: Jesse Savorie stood out at the all-white Alabama school known as Jesse Rulam Elementary not because he was dirt poor, or big, and not even because he was gifted in natural and supernatural ways.
Elsewhere, the Dingles have suddenly remembered that they're dirt poor and have no money to pay for home schooling, so it looks like Belle will be going back to school whether she likes it or not.
They'll also spout off a load of claptrap about how they have a better "understanding", of what it's like to be dirt poor and starving.
Many of them are what you think of as the traditional third world nations with people who are dirt poor and relying on subsistence farming to survive.
Scholarship on class has been growing again because of the gaping hole between the filthy rich and the dirt poor, but almost exclusively in the global North.
In those days the only advertising was the occasional Guinness is Good for You sign and the people were dirt poor but booze was still a big problem.