dirty dog

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Noun1.dirty dog - a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptibledirty dog - a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible; "only a rotter would do that"; "kill the rat"; "throw the bum out"; "you cowardly little pukes!"; "the British call a contemptible person a `git'"
disagreeable person, unpleasant person - a person who is not pleasant or agreeable
References in classic literature ?
It's a little thing to do, but it gives her pleasure, and I don't believe it will hurt your things half so much as letting dirty dogs and clumping boys spoil them.
I thought, that's the dirty dog I arrested down at the bus depot that time on the Greyhound bus," he told Mr Mullen.
January 6th • Dirty Dog Bar • Austin, TX
Food joints such as 800 Degrees Pizza, Burger Pit, Dirty Dog, Johnny Rockets, Pad Thai and Jaldi Jaldi are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
A total of 24 titles are available including Stellaluna and Harry the Dirty Dog.
DIRTY dog owners in two cities have been targeted in attempts to shame them into cleaning up after their pets.
Dirty dog Peter Barlow shows his true colours when Carla gets back from Paris and he lures her into the bed still warm from Tina.
Unfortunately some lazy dirty dog owners are trying to spoil our area.
I AM seriously considering buying a tin of luminous spray paint and using it on the pavements to highlight the number of dirty dog owners there are in our village.
This deal also includes several non-exclusive titles based on award-winning and best-selling books from the Scholastic Storybook Treasures line, including classics such as Harry the Dirty Dog, Danny and the Dinosaur, Chrysanthemum, The Snowy Day and The Mouse and The Motorcycle, and movies such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories and Stellaluna, which are now available in the US and Canada.
Ted showed such an uncanny resemblance to Harry the Dirty Dog of a previous generation of stories that it was with a little difficulty Ted was given time to shine.