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Noun1.disability benefit - insurance benefits paid in case of disability
benefit - financial assistance in time of need
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It interpreted the statute to require that all exceptions and reductions that apply only to a particular benefit, such as the REI clause, must be placed with the benefit provision to which they apply, in this case the total disability benefit. Since it was not, the court said the REI clause was unenforceable and awarded summary judgment to Friedman.
In Bush White House doublespeak, the committee's report cautioned that the disability benefit reductions shouldn't be viewed as a "recommendation," but said "in the absence of fully developed proposals, the calculations carried out for the commission and included in this report assume that defined benefits will be changed in similar ways for the two programs." If the disability insurance elements of the program were insulated from benefit cuts, then much larger cuts in retirement benefits would be necessary to achieve the same overall level of cost reductions--reductions which are necessary because of the loss of the trust funds' revenue to the individual accounts.
Failings in the medical assessment system for disability benefit have left some of the nation's most vulnerable people waiting longer than they should to receive support to which they are entitled.
* Members can increase their total disability benefit to a maximum of $20,000 per month when combined with any other long term disability plan
Prior results suggest that weekly permanent disability benefit payments are positively related to permanent partial disability status, indicating that claimants respond to increased benefits by exerting a greater effort to be classified as permanently disabled.
The short essays in this excellent collection describe how national public rehabilitation programs are linked with disability benefit systems in France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Israel.
Representatives from the Department of Revenue, the Disability Benefit Contract Committee (DBSCC), Governor's Office of Information Technology and the Colorado State Patrol also make up the group.
DAVID Cameron has been urged to look again at disability benefit changes after a Northumberland man committed suicide when told he would lose all support.
The DWP confirmed earlier this year that they would review PIP claims after a court ruling stated that the disability benefit was unfair to people with mental health conditions.
The DOL's Final Rule amends the definition of an adverse benefit determination to include a rescission of disability benefit coverage that has a retroactive effect, except to the extent it is attributable to a failure to timely pay required premiums or contributions towards the cost of coverage.

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