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tr.v. dis·a·bused, dis·a·bus·ing, dis·a·bus·es
To free from a falsehood or misconception: "It's up to you whether you want to disabuse your students of their fantasy that A's are guaranteed" (Rachel Kadish).

[French désabuser : dés-, dis- + abuser, to delude (from Old French, to misuse; see abuse).]
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Adj.1.disabused - freed of a mistaken or misguided notiondisabused - freed of a mistaken or misguided notion; "some people are still not disabused of the old idea that the universe revolves around the Earth"
disenchanted - freed from enchantment
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Influenced by these thoughts, his face wore an expression so benign and tranquil, that the waiter in immediate attendance upon him felt he could almost have died in his defence, and settled in his own mind (until the receipt of the bill, and a very small fee for very great trouble disabused it of the idea) that such an apostolic customer was worth half-a-dozen of the ordinary run of visitors, at least.
And now look again, and see what will naturally follow it' the prisoners are released and disabused of their error.
Disabused of his naive notion, he made a bee-line for books that might bring insight and understanding.
But you only have to watch the video of a frightened Scots Asian teenager being viciously assaulted to be disabused of that position.
"At that time he was a cocaine-addicted young man who saw a future that was glamorous and criminal; he has been disabused of that idea.
I think US President Barack Obama in his last visit has already disabused us of that illusion (delusion?).
Carwyn Jones needs to be disabused of the opinion that this drug only works in "exceptional" cases or that Irfon Williams demonstrates an "unusual response" to the drug.
creature, I'd say, who has not been disabused of the fairytale idea
Traumatized and disabused, France stumbled into dazed mourning for the victims of three days of bloody violence that had overtaken Paris.
IF you've ever harboured any doubt that austerity is serious then you will be disabused of the notion today.
Then I got off the bus and was quickly disabused of that idea.
Which I think is appropriate: If you believe in participative management, you will be disabused of your silly idea.