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tr.v. dis·af·firmed, dis·af·firm·ing, dis·af·firms Law
To reject (a determination or obligation that is subject to approval).

dis′af·fir′mance (dĭs′ə-fûr′məns), dis·af′fir·ma′tion (dĭs-ăf′ər-mā′shən) n.
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Noun1.disaffirmation - the act of asserting that something alleged is not true
assertion, asseveration, averment - a declaration that is made emphatically (as if no supporting evidence were necessary)
negation - the speech act of negating


A refusal to grant the truth of a statement or charge:
Law: traversal.
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Affirmation requires keeping current with payment terms, disaffirmation requires the prompt return of the aircraft to the secured parties.
In a diffused consciousness there may be contestation over which direction the psychological Africanity will take, towards the affirmation versus disaffirmation of African worldview or reality structure poles (Azibo, 2006b).
The doctrine thus functions as a 'preclusionary rule': (11) the elector is automatically precluded, by his or her simple act of election, from reversing the communicated decision and backtracking after the event, in particular by seeking to reinstate a disaffirmation power that would otherwise have existed in the absence of the legal reason for preclusion.
Produced during the height of American post-war economic expansion, the late paintings are a disaffirmation of the culture of consumption.
"She used words like 'rebellion' and 'disaffirmation' in her letter."
disaffirmation. In fact, this holds true whenever there is a positive
In these circumstances, the disaffirmation of self-experience by parents and other caregivers is sometimes pervasive, but more often selective, where only certain self-states are deemed objectionable.
That disaffirmation (voiding of the contract) can generally be made at any time while the child is a minor under state law or within a reasonable amount of time after reaching legal majority.
It is important to note here that the ability to tailor one's response to indifference, disdain, covert and overt disaffirmation is, in and of itself, a function of privilege (Clark & O'Donnell, 1999; Roediger, 1999).
The results of the study would suggest disaffirmation of the literature to date concerning increased outsourcing trends (Cook, 1999; Greer, et al.;1999).
In MacKinnon's utter and complete disaffirmation of the power that constitutes male dominance, female submission and their subsumption in and as the sexual, Bersani sees an implicit affirmation of sex without it: "What bothers me about MacKinnon and Dworkin is not their analysis of sexuality, but rather the pastoralizing, redemptive intentions that support the analysis." (39) And he rejects Foucault's "bodies and pleasures" ambitions as no less pastoral, recommending instead an enthusiastic plunge into the specific intensities of those eroticized parts of the body--especially the penis, anus and vagina--from which Foucault wished to "untie" sexuality.
such disaffirmation is tantamount as a practical matter to the specific disclosure of a violation ...