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Verb1.disagree with - not be very easily digestible; "Spicy food disagrees with some people"
hurt - give trouble or pain to; "This exercise will hurt your back"
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"But I disagree with you," the Bishop interposed, his pale, ascetic face betraying by a faint glow the intensity of his feelings.
As Austin Lewis* says, speaking of that time, those to whom the command 'Feed my lambs' had been given, saw those lambs sold into slavery and worked to death without a protest.** The Church was dumb, then, and before I go on I want you either flatly to agree with me or flatly to disagree with me.
The thing was absurd: the air of the town would be certain to disagree with him, and with me as a nurse; the late hours and London habits would not suit me under such circumstances; and altogether he assured me that it would be excessively troublesome, injurious, and unsafe.
For two or three months, he contented himself with hinting that he feared the air began to disagree with him; then, finding that the place really no longer was, to him, what it had been, he settled his business on his assistant, took a bachelor's cottage outside the village of which his young friend was pastor, and instantaneously recovered.
Woodhouse's life; and upon being applied to, he could not but acknowledge (though it seemed rather against the bias of inclination) that weddingcake might certainly disagree with manyperhaps with most people, unless taken moderately.
`poison,' it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later.
It's unfortunate that the members of "The Squad" happen to be "women of color" so it is not possible to disagree with their ideology without being considered racist.
A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked, 'Please tell us how much you agree or disagree with the statement that well-to-do people should help out friends who are struggling, or not so well to do?' In response to this question, 60% agreed completely, 14% agreed to an extent, 14% neither agreed nor disagreed, 6% disagreed, 3% completely disagreed, while another 3% did not know or did not wish to respond.
I S L A M A B A D -- of Balochistan According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup and Gilani Pakistan, only 4% of Pakistanis disagree with the idea that it is mandatory on children to look after their parents.
THE SLOW DEATH OF GENDER ROLES PEOPLE NO LONGER BELIEVE THAT MEN SHOULD GO TO WORK WHILE WOMEN STAY AT HOME Disagree 72% Disagree 65% The proportion of people who believe that a man's job is to earn money while a woman's job is to look after the home and family, by year Disagree 58% Disagree 57% Disagree 54% Agree 43% Disagree 37% Agree 25% Agree 18% Agree 16% Agree 12% Agree 8% In 1984 In 1990 In 1998 In 2008 In 2012 In 2017 1989 2017 The proportion of people who believe both men and women should contribute to the household income, by year Agree 53% Disagree 20% Agree 72% Disagree 4% MORE people than ever disagree with the traditional view that a man's job is to earn money while a woman should look after the home and family.
A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces who were parents were asked 'How often do you disagree with your spouse on the matter of your children's upbringing?'