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The Supreme Court has upheld two rulings of the Commission on Audit (COA) disallowing the purchase of P118 million worth of medicines and medical and dental supplies by the Laguna provincial government in 2004 and 2005.
Last year, the COA also affirmed its order disallowing yearend bonuses to employees of the Iloilo provincial government totaling P103 million granted in 2009.
Raza Rabbani also quoted a 1987 ruling giving by the then chairman Ghulam Ishaq Khan disallowing adjournment motion on the basis of a statement made in the media and disallowed the adjournment motion.
Ports boss Ronnie McFall was fuming at referee Alan Black for disallowing Mouncey's goal.
In disallowing the deduction, the court reviewed the history of section 216.
The IRS issued a deficiency notice disallowing all deductions reported on the untimely filed tax returns and assessing tax on Swallow's gross income.
This process has its roots in the origins of this community, and the reaction of the Old Fathers to an experience they remember as "The Disallowing." The profound, enduring ramifications of this rejection from Fairly, an already established all black town in the Oklahoma Territory, initially seem difficult to explain; the Disallowing involved no violence or direct, explicit insult.
And the ref ruled Kilbirnie keeper Steve O'Neil had been fouled in 80 after disallowing Graham Muir's effort
19393 provides that if a deduction, credit or exclusion is determined to be invalid or discriminatory under the Constitution, the tax for taxpayers who received the benefit of the deduction is to be recomputed by disallowing the deduction.
Undergirding the proposal is an inference that the underpayment of tax is an act of significant culpability that deserves punishment (by means of disallowing a deduction for interest paid on that underpayment).
ILOILO CITY -- The Commission on Audit (COA) has affirmed an order of its Western Visayas office disallowing yearend bonuses granted to employees of the Iloilo provincial government in 2009 totaling P103 million.