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Thwarted in hope, desire, or expectation.

dis′ap·point′ed·ly adv.
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Adv.1.disappointedly - in disappointment; in a disappointed manner; "she left the gambling table disappointedly"
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The Rum Alley tenement swore disappointedly and retired.
An' there you was," disappointedly, "no more black than me--for all you're so yeller."
"Oh, I know,--how stupid of me!" cried Minora eagerly, her pencil in mid-air and her brain clutching at the elusive recollection, "sage and,-- why,--yes,--no,--yes, of course--oh," disappointedly, "but that's vulgar-- I can't put it in."
Jansenius looked sternly and disappointedly at Agatha, who elevated her left eyebrow and depressed her right simultaneously; but he, shaking his head to signify that he was not to be conciliated by facial feats, however difficult or contrary to nature, went out with Miss Wilson, followed by Mrs.
The agitated residents disappointedly walked home but swore to teach the legislator who has repeatedly announced his 2022 gubernatorial ambition a lesson in the ballot when that time comes.
Disappointedly, despite considering their impact, wet wipes did not make the list.
Patients, who come to the hospital from far-off areas, return disappointedly as they find no one to examine them and prescribe medicines.
Today so disappointedly, some top leaders instead of building on our achievements in the area of national unity are busy pushing to split and reopen old animosity and rancour among our people,' he said.
Disappointedly, that was not true and always the case in their
Connecting smartphones is a simple process via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and there is an 8.4-inch colour touchscreen which rather disappointedly was surrounded by quite cheap looking hard plastic.
Additionally, share of public investment towards rehabilitation is disappointedly low.
Given the national program to promote identification of people with hyperglycemia, obesity, and high blood pressure, the percentage of people with access to screening tests was disappointedly low, indicating that a number of people remain outside the screening program.