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v. dis·ap·proved, dis·ap·prov·ing, dis·ap·proves
1. To have an unfavorable opinion of; condemn.
2. To refuse to approve; reject.
To have an unfavorable opinion: disapproves of drinking.

dis′ap·prov′er n.
dis′ap·prov′ing·ly adv.


a person who disapproves
References in classic literature ?
And so from every point of view, whether of pleasure, honour, or advantage, the approver of justice is right and speaks the truth, and the disapprover is wrong and false and ignorant.
The answer, of course, was that she was a crossphobic bigot (disapproval of anything these days is transformed semantically into a quasi-medical condition, a phobia, that implies there is something wrong with the disapprover rather than with the disapproved).
Among Democrats, 78 percent rejected Kavanaugh, as did 77 percent of Trump disapprovers. Among Republicans, 72 percent of them backed Kavanaugh, along with 81 percent of Trump supporters.
However, a higher proportion of disapprovers (74%) than approvers (66%) feel strongly about their opinions of the president.
The smallest differences were found in levels of support for the president's unilateral control of the military, where minorities of both approvers and disapprovers indicated support for this power.
A lot of people were laughing now (except for the perpetual disapprovers who looked on in stern horror)....