disaster area

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disaster area

An area that qualifies for emergency governmental aid as a result of a catastrophe, such as an earthquake or flood.

disas′ter ar`ea

a region affected by a major disaster, as a flood, and officially eligible for emergency governmental relief.
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Noun1.disaster area - a region whose population is affected by a general disaster
area, country - a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography); "it was a mountainous area"; "Bible country"
katasztrófasújtotta terület
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Department of Agriculture declared West Baton Rouge parish a primary disaster area, and five adjacent parishes as contiguous disaster areas.
The Department is postponing until January 31, 2018, certain deadlines for individuals who reside, and businesses whose principal place of business is located, in the disaster area but the person or business must have been affected by the disaster.
TAP) - Zaghouan, El Kef, Bizerte, Ben Arous, Siliana, Kasserine and Kairouan are the regions that have been declared disaster area because of the drought that has affected the arable crops during the current season 16-2017.
It will receive and analyse calls for assistance from affected countries and serve as a hub to support coordination at various levels: Commission, member states, affected country, humanitarian partners and civil protection teams deployed to the disaster area.
In addition, millions of Rand's worth of damages has been reported across the disaster area, as the effects of the recent flash floods and thunderstorms begin to emerge.
He realised that when aid was delivered to a disaster area charities tended to concentrate on medicine and food.
Mexico City, Sha'ban 1, 1432, Jul 2, 2011, SPA - Mexican authorities declared several towns a disaster area Friday, in the wake of tropical storm Arlene, which caused floods and mudslides that have claimed at least four lives and led to the evacuation of thousands of people, dpa reported.
Summary: Extreme floods in Australia have led to parts of New South Wales being declared a natural disaster area.
Although casualty losses generally must be deducted in the year the casualty occurs (even if repair expenses are incurred in a later year), under IRC section 165(i) taxpayers may elect to deduct disaster area losses in the year preceding the loss year.
Under the amended Mobile Home Local Services Tax Act, the county board of a county designated a disaster area may adopt an ordinance postponing penalties and orders of sale for owners of mobile homes damaged in the disaster.
For a non-federal contract or order up to $5 million, a bond guarantee may be issued if the products will be manufactured or the services will be performed in the disaster area.
Ferris, who is already serving a two-year ban for his involvement in another case, could be described as a walking disaster area but for the fact that he is actually a riding disaster area.

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