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v. dis·be·lieved, dis·be·liev·ing, dis·be·lieves
To refuse to believe or accept; reject: There is no reason to disbelieve his story.
To withhold or reject belief.

dis′be·liev′er n.
dis′be·liev′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.disbelievingly - in an incredulous mannerdisbelievingly - in an incredulous manner; "the woman looked up at her incredulously"
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[ˌdɪsbəˈliːvɪŋlɪ] advin modo incredulo, con incredulità
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During that time political pygmies from all parties have played around at Westminster while effective government was put on hold and the whole UK looked on aghast and disbelievingly as this show played on endlessly with neither break nor interval.
Not ever.' Sean: Shrugs disbelievingly. 'Well, that's not what my uncle said.' (Clearly plans on doing that the first chance he gets.) Then everybody except for Know-it-all-Sean went for lunch and slagged him off for 45 minutes.
"He spent 6mins 52secs sitting at the end of his bed staring disbelievingly at me after my alarm woke him up this morning - then he wonders why he's always cutting it fine to get the kids to school."
In a strong valleys accent, she asked disbelievingly: "Can you believe it- I met a Spice girl?"
Some ask disbelievingly: 'Mag-aapply din po kayo?' A thoughtless HR manager thought I was there to submit a proposal.
Immediately after her voice fades, her last word, "surrender," is disbelievingly echoed by two of the three other characters present for her speech.
He said: "She asks, 'How long have you lived here?' She'll suddenly look at her wedding ring and say, 'Are we married?' And when I tell her we've been together 25 years and married for 18, she looks at me disbelievingly and says,
Andy Hunter: "When the 231st Merseyside derby ended Idrissa Gana Gueye and Cenk Tosun stared disbelievingly at Liverpool's goal while Dominic Calvert-Lewin handed his Everton shirt to a young fan at the front of the Gwladys Street End.
You can walk around a supermarket and buy a M16 machine gun," notes James, disbelievingly, "but to them, everybody else has got 'em, [they're thinking], 'I've got to protect my family'.
It sparked unparalleled shock across the country and abroad, as people disbelievingly grieved the loss of young children attending an otherwise normal day in school.
He asked disbelievingly, "You're abstemious?" I loved that word, which combined erudition and fun.