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Noun1.disc space - (computer science) the space available on a magnetic disk
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
disk overhead, overhead - (computer science) the disk space required for information that is not data but is used for location and timing
swap file, swap space - the disk space that is set aside for virtual memory
space - an area reserved for some particular purpose; "the laboratory's floor space"
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Ten years ago, disc space was measured in gigabytes; five years ago it was terabytes; today, some IT departments need exabytes and even zettabytes (over 1,000 exabytes or 5 million million bytes) to store and secure medical information.
And because it takes up less than a meg of disc space, it can easily fit on a laptop and be taken to the game.
The instrument set, when used with the direct lateral approach, is designed to help surgeons prepare a vertebral disc space for fusion procedures in the lower spine.
com) announced today that a multi-center cadaveric study demonstrated that the Company's fluidjet-based platform for removing spinal disc material and preparing disc endplates for spinal fusion required 65 percent fewer passes into, and out of, the disc space than conventional surgical instruments.
The resulting savings in disc space allow for a higher video bit rate or extended recording time.
The SpineJet XL product line was designed to provide spine surgeons with fast, safe, and effective instruments for disc space preparation in lumbar interbody fusion.
These improvements in HydroCision's SpineJet devices enhance the spine surgeon's capabilities in the essential tasks necessary for preparing the disc space prior to spinal fusion.