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v. dis·card·ed, dis·card·ing, dis·cards
1. To throw away; reject.
a. To throw out (a playing card) from one's hand.
b. To play (a card other than a trump) from a suit different from that of the card led.
To discard a playing card.
n. (dĭs′kärd′)
a. The act of discarding in a card game.
b. A discarded playing card.
2. One that is discarded or rejected.

dis·card′a·ble adj.
dis·card′er n.
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disposable; suitable for discarding
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For the large world powers, like the United States of America, international law appears to be a discardable item, to be used only when it suits your interests.
According to the authors, the reason is the less traumatic intrusion of the colonial frontier into their world, which in turn means that Ngaanyatjarra commercial paintings have little cultural value for their makers; produced for whitefellas they arc unimportant in local affairs, even discardable and indeed quickly forgotten (p.
The segment trace file has the start position, size, scalability levels of each Network Abstraction Layer Unit(NALU), the packet type (stream header or slice data), and the packet importance (Discardable or Truncatable).
Historically, capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy have been the main forces sustaining the chasmic boundary between fully human beings deserving of life and discardable subhuman creatures.
"Today hundreds of thousands of young people are going to take to the streets to march for gun control because they have been fed this false narrative that the Second Amendment is discardable, the constitution is obsolete and that guns are inherently bad," he added in a video that has been seen almost 200,000 times.
Refillable "tank" system e-cigarettes are regarded as more effective and end up being cheaper than the discardable ones that look like cigarettes.
Of all the rubbish that was collected, the clear majority was disposable plastic bottles and discardable super- market plastic bags.
However, it is a relevant question whether or not a reduced set p < N of components contains noisy and discardable information.
Although the placenta is a discardable tissue, the written consent of the mothers was the first condition for their entry into the study.
A former Aquino Cabinet member has offered to end the ordeal of commuters on LRT 1 and MRT 3 by building a 'discardable' platform that will link the two light rails while two shopping mall titans are building a common station that will close a 1.2-kilometer gap on Metro Manila's elevated railway.
During the analysis, the sample-reagent mixture was stirred with a discardable PTFE- (polytetrafluoroethylene-) coated magnetic stirrer (800U/min).
During the analysis, the sample-reagent mixture was stirred with a discardable PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated magnetic stirrer (800U/min).