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v. dis·card·ed, dis·card·ing, dis·cards
1. To throw away; reject.
a. To throw out (a playing card) from one's hand.
b. To play (a card other than a trump) from a suit different from that of the card led.
To discard a playing card.
n. (dĭs′kärd′)
a. The act of discarding in a card game.
b. A discarded playing card.
2. One that is discarded or rejected.

dis·card′a·ble adj.
dis·card′er n.
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Adj.1.discarded - thrown away; "wearing someone's cast-off clothes"; "throwaway children living on the streets"; "salvaged some thrown-away furniture"
unwanted - not wanted; not needed; "tried to give away unwanted kittens"
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