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 (dĭs-kär′nĭt, -nāt′)
Having no material body or form: a discarnate spirit.

dis·car′nate n.
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(ˌdɪsˈkɑːnət; dɪsˈkɑːneɪt)
1. obsolete without flesh
2. disembodied
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(dɪsˈkɑr nɪt, -neɪt)

without a physical body; incorporeal.
[1655–65; dis-1 + -carnate, as in incarnate]
dis`car•na′tion, n.
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Graus briefly mentions the interest in this perspective in Spain among such physicians as Victor Melcior i Farre, Manuel Otero Acevedo (who eventually accepted the possibility of discarnate agency), and astronomer Josep Comas i Sola.
Art-historical treatments of dance are sometimes unsatisfyingly discarnate, but they are hardly dispassionate.
Discarnate entities and dimethyltryptamine (DMT): Psychopharmacology, phenomenology and ontology.
Dr Vernon Neppe, a neuropsychiatrist turned parapsychologist, has declared that the combined body of evidence for discarnate survival is overwhelming--so great that it may be regarded as scientifically cogent.
Note that the malign agent in this formulation is the concept of hygienic purity, which revalues "powerful physicality" into a site of grotesque corporeal contamination and demands its reduction until nothing is left but a discarnate soul (33).
As far as discarnate souls are concerned, the city (i.e., polis) is already obsolescent.
Unlike the Weird Sisters however, the Sangomas are not witches who use abathakathi (power/forces of malicious and discarnate evil in Zulu cosmology), but diviners and healers.
For some it was God, others spoke of Karma or attributed their encounters to gurus and/or discarnate entities such as angels; some simply insisted that it was the energy of the earth where they were at the time; and drug users placed the source of their experience in the type and quality of the psychotropic substances they had ingested.
The assertion of an 'innate' character for any given right or duty is a deontological claim (that a principle exists naturally or by nature), and as such amounts to no more than a want supported by a raw assertion of discarnate rational governance.
Their topics are beyond materialism, share mind, rethinking time, interactions with discarnate beings, separation of mind from brain, direct mental influence, reintegrating subjectivity into consciousness research, and transcendent mind.
Namely: if--on one rigoristic, discarnate understanding--Christianity would offer us suffering and punitive self-mortification in this life in exchange for eternal happiness in the other, Don Juan represents the reversal of that proposition.
Tolkien: Suppose you could summon the courage to do the one thing that evil incarnate--or evil discarnate, I should say--cannot imagine a sane person doing: that is, voluntarily relinquishing a wellspring of unimaginable political and metaphysical power and destroying it utterly in a volcano?