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Noun1.discernability - distinctness that makes perception easy
distinctness, sharpness - the quality of being sharp and clear
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Forstner, "Reliability and discernability of extended GaussMarkov models," in Seminar on Mathematical Models to Outliers and Systematic Errors, vol.
If God enters the world under his will, which defies noetical coronation, then the prospect of coming to see God by intellect becomes severely endangered by the liberty of the will, which could ground the discernability of a moment but, in fact, makes its meaning ungraspable in terms of any larger unit.
"Using these Expense cards for corporate conferences expenditures allow the divisions to enhance the efficacy of their expense management procedures, obtain better control and discernability on their expense and eventually initiate augmented savings to the bottom line,” Mr.
Tensioned symmetry teeters through women's stories here, gaining discernability as women's educational capital grows and their vision becomes more astute.
advantage of this line might be simply its discernability. But how
The four accountability conditions are: (A) Discernability. The ends of science are known to the social accountant, mainly because the accountant chooses them or participates in their construction.