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Exhibiting keen insight and good judgment; perceptive.

dis·cern′ing·ly adv.
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A carefully selected palette of finishes with space used discerningly well gives the end user a sense of place and desirability with a very practical view of living, especially with a family.
By discerningly analyzing and gathering considerable volumes of medical data (big amounts of information that cannot be filtered by conventional input processing algorithms and applications), Internet of Medical Things can improve the decision making and early disease diagnosis.
It may be our only hope against a conniving autocracy.We must vote discerningly to improve the Senate and, ultimately, save democracy.
We need to reflect on the deeper levels of meanings couched in metaphorical language requiring us to reflect discerningly as one would explore a mine hoping to find gems beneath the stones.
"People are starting to treat their eyewear choices in the same way they choose their accessories more discerningly and with a lot more care," he explained.
Mike Benner, SIBA's chief executive, said: "Quality, flavoursome beer from independent British craft breweries has never been in greater demand, with more people than ever drinking more discerningly and choosing full-flavoured beer.
As he discerningly concludes, "the myth of regeneration through violence" pervades not only the South, but American experience as a whole (76), and the Bible offers diverse instances of renewal through destruction, which O'Connor, prophet-like, adapts with visionary genius.
Eschewing excess, espousing spareness, Meppayil is discerningly eclectic about the art-historical precedents to which her aesthetic and sensibility are attuned, and these extend back to ...
In an urbanized and modernized social environment in which individuals are connected to multiple communities and are exposed daily to new information from multiple sources, it has become more crucial for opinion leaders to be able to actively and discerningly seek messages coming from various sources.
As for the Cicero test, The Death of Caesar passes easily, treating the man, the politician, and the political philosopher discerningly and generously.