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they were not in that age such siellie sottes as our Shephierdes are nowe a dayes, onely hauing Reason by Experience to prate of their Pastures, and folde and vnfolde their flockes: But these fellowes, whome the Poet and I Haue here brought in were well able both to moue the doubtful cause, and (if neede were) to discide the proponed case.
Finally, Palmero HealthCare general manager, Bernie Dutton discusses their DisCide Ultra disinfectant.
In the 38 or so years of developing the DisCide Ultra product, Palmero Health Care has continued to grow the disinfectant business and expanded on the original kill claims.
BD: DisCide ULTRA was developed into a one-step, ready-to-use, one minute or less KILL CLAIM on over 17 major microorganisms.
BD: DisCide ULTRA is a one-step, ready-to-use, ONE minute or LESS kill claim product that eliminates over 17 major microorganisms.
But, there is no guess work when DisCide ULTRA is used; in ONE minute or less the microorganisms are killed, eliminating the concern that cross contamination or infections may spread.
Palmero hired Sibinovic in 1989 to help him gain EPA registration for his disinfectant, DisCide. Over the next two years Palmero grew increasingly uneasy as Sibinovic's EPA submissions, based on her lab tests of DisCide, provoked letters from the EPA questioning her study designs and lab procedures, and asking for more data.
The new lab's findings flatly contradicted Sibinovic's: While she claimed Discide killed the polio virus -- a pleasant surprise to Palmero since the EPA doesn't require disinfectants to kill polio -- the new lab reported that the product did not destroy the virus.
The new lab also repeated the tests Sibinovic had performed on Discide, but used more rigorous procedures.
Palmero then discovered that Sibinovic had done lab work and consulting to aid the EPA approval of Sani-Cloth, one of DisCide's competitors in the "hard-surface wipe" segment of the disinfectant market.
DisCide ULTRA is a fast killing hospital grade surface disinfectant in a convenient ready-to-use formula that requires no mixing or measuring.