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n. Ecology
A climax community that has been disturbed by various influences, especially by humans and domestic animals, such as a grassland community that has been altered to desert by overgrazing.


(Environmental Science) ecology a climax community resulting from the activities of man or domestic animals in climatic and other conditions that would otherwise support a different type of community


(dɪsˈklaɪ mæks)

a stable ecological community that has replaced the normal climax in a given area owing to ecological disturbance, esp. by human activity.
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Prairie and Plains disclimax and disappearing butterflies in the central United States.
Progression of this transition to disclimax, undoubtedly, will lead to a depauperate herbaceous plant community.
Cosgrove (1991: 347-8) has reviewed the issue of keeping the forests at bay using fire; he notes that fire would possibly lead to disclimax vegetation patterns equally inhospitable to the grazing Bennett's wallaby, although he considers that the Kiernan et al.