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n. Ecology
A climax community that has been disturbed by various influences, especially by humans and domestic animals, such as a grassland community that has been altered to desert by overgrazing.


(Environmental Science) ecology a climax community resulting from the activities of man or domestic animals in climatic and other conditions that would otherwise support a different type of community


(dɪsˈklaɪ mæks)

a stable ecological community that has replaced the normal climax in a given area owing to ecological disturbance, esp. by human activity.
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Tal paisagem disclimax resultou na sugestao de uma importante hipotese aventada por Ab'Saber (1981b, p.
Prairie and Plains disclimax and disappearing butterflies in the central United States.
Progression of this transition to disclimax, undoubtedly, will lead to a depauperate herbaceous plant community.
Spruce seedlings were found invading the grassland slopes only rarely, which supports the conclusion of Lausi and Nimis (1991) that the Yukon grasslands are a long-lasting successional stage; under present climate conditions, it seems likely that they are a stable disclimax on these south-facing slopes.