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Noun1.disco biscuit - street names for methylenedioxymethamphetaminedisco biscuit - street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine
MDMA, methylenedioxymethamphetamine - a stimulant drug that is chemically related to mescaline and amphetamine and is used illicitly for its euphoric and hallucinogenic effects; it was formerly used in psychotherapy but in 1985 it was declared illegal in the United States; "MDMA is often used at parties because it enables partygoers to remain active for long periods of time"
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The Quick & The Dead sounds like Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit with a disco biscuit, and the title track has hints of Sparks at its outset before a barrage of guitars crash through.
Wine may also play a role.": Stay away from the disco biscuits or you may end up as a Hasselhoff:Ever wondered what a "disco biscuit" is, or why doctors in accident and emergency departments may be referring to you as a "Hasselhoff", rather than using your real name?
A distinctive character with a circular tattoo on his arm called "Disco Biscuit", he drove around in a 92-D gold Mitsubishi Pajero.
Disco Biscuit at Fudge is turning into a top house night with funky disco DJs Ste Noone and Dave Whelan.
There are more "disco biscuits", "weed" and "charlie" circulating around the UK than ever before.
In short time, touring bands started hitting the club, with the likes of Disco Biscuits and Ominous Seapods playing there.
The final high we tested was a PS7 DISCO BISCUITS tablet which was found to contain alpha-methyltryptamine, another psychedelic stimulant.
DRUGS Live - The Ecstasy Trial, Channel Four's controversial look at what happens when 83mg of specially prepared disco biscuits are fed to a bunch of willing volunteers, certainly wasn't short of column inches in the run-up to its broadcast.
Big Gigantic continued its tour of some of the hottest summer music festival's with a high-energy main-stage performance at this weekend's (http://www.campbisco.net/) Camp Bisco 11 , an electronic and jam band festival focused around the Disco Biscuits at Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville Lake, N.Y., that began in 2000.