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Noun1.disco music - popular dance music (especially in the late 1970s); melodic with a regular bass beat; intended mainly for dancing at discotheques
popular music, popular music genre - any genre of music having wide appeal (but usually only for a short time)
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A band made up of some of the best musicians the city has to offer, fronted by some incredibly soulful vocalists and backed by a massive orchestra, playing the most sublime disco music. There won't be any wedding classics or Funky Town-type tunes, no flares and funny wigs.
The first music video, 'Side A', perfectly captures how older disco-goers party in the day, complete with flared pants, long hair, disco music and their favorite beer.
The first music video, "Side A", perfectly captures how older drinkers partied in the day, complete with flared pants, long hair, disco music and San Miguel Pale Pilsen.
For the next 22 years, "Musicradio 77" would come to define a generation brought up on the Four Seasons, the Beatles, Elton John and disco music.
Dahl responded to Chicago-based music producer Giovanni Taverna, who said: "That night has been defined racist and homophobic because disco music was mainly connected to black and Latino communities in the U.S., and to the gay communities."
A sensational hit with the masses back in 1983, this ballad is one of Nazia's best performances in terms of the subtle disco music, enchanting lyrics, and unforgettable video.
Wash's mission to spotlight the finely-honed talents and seasoned power of women who are best known for their work in classic disco music - but with a decidedly twenty-first century flair.
If you like your disco music with a hint of Latin then the The Gibson Brothers had a trio of superb hits at the end of the Seventies and early Eighties.
Carnival themed party with 70s, 80s disco music and dance classics.
Why do you think people are digging disco music so much right now?
029 2087 8444 MUSIC Nile Rogers & Chic Disco music for the masses - The group regard themselves as a rock band for the disco movement 'that made good on hippie peace, love and freedom'.
Back in his prime days, John Mothibe aka Thibazo was well known by his fans in the disco music circles.