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 (dĭs′koid′) also dis·coi·dal (dĭ-skoid′l)
1. Having a flat, circular form; disk-shaped.
2. Related to or having a disk.
3. Having disk flowers only. Used of a composite flower head.

dis′coid′ n.
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Adj.1.discoidal - having a flat circular shape
circular, round - having a circular shape
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The specimens are discoidal, lenticular, and symmetrically biconvex and their diameter range in size from 2mm to 6mm.
El utero de un animal gestante mide entre 8 a 13 cm y presenta una placa discoidal blanquecina.
The expelled placenta is a flattened discoidal mass with an approximately circular or oval outline.
in order to obtain a discoidal distribution of matter restricted to the plane z = 0 and with a radius R in the interval 0 < R < a.
We recently developed a peptide-based approach that overcomes both these issues by using antibody-conjugated porous discoidal nanoparticles (NanoDisks) to (a) bind Mtb-specific CFP-10 and ESAT-6 peptides present in digested serum samples of TB cases and (b) enhance their quantitative detection by bench-top MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry (MS) (19).
Estas tienen una morfologia discoidal con un agujero central (Carrion 2015), que coincide con la morfologia referida para las cuentas previamente descubiertas.
The tombstones form part of a long tradition of funerary stelae in the Basque Country, which are found in discoidal and tabular, as well as in cross-vertical forms, in addition to horizontal slabs (Leizaola, 1994) (Figure 1).
proporcion discoidal forma simple, proporcion barril forma cilindrica, proporcion esferoidal forma bitroncoconica, etc.--se obtendrian los tipos a partir de los que se han clasificado los adornos de variscita normesetenos (Fig.
Another reason may be the appearance of "active" cholesterol in the nanodiscs due to the heterogeneity of the distribution of cholesterol in discoidal lipoproteins.
Los tegmina no tienen la celula discoidal situada cerca del borde frontal.
Dorsal setae and minute discoidal pores distributed in a definite pattern leaving many bare areas, giving the dorsum an areolated pattern.