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a. The act of discoloring.
b. The condition of being discolored.
2. A discolored spot, smudge, or area; a stain.


(dɪsˌkʌl əˈreɪ ʃən)

also dis•col′or•ment,

1. the act or fact of discoloring or the state of being discolored.
2. a discolored marking or area; stain.
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Noun1.discoloration - a soiled or discolored appearance; "the wine left a dark stain"
appearance, visual aspect - outward or visible aspect of a person or thing
scorch - a discoloration caused by heat
bloodstain - a discoloration caused by blood
iron mold, iron mould - a spot caused the staining with rust or ink
mud stain - a stain produced by mud
oil stain - a stain produced by oil
tarnish - discoloration of metal surface caused by oxidation
2.discoloration - the act of changing the natural color of something by making it duller or dingier or unnatural or faded
change of color - an act that changes the light that something reflects


noun stain, mark, spot, patch, blot, blemish, blotch, splotch She has a discoloration just below the lip.


nVerfärben nt; (= mark)Verfärbung f


n decoloración f
References in classic literature ?
The crumbs and discoloration of the cannibal feast, as yet hardly consummated, were exceedingly visible about his mouth.
I will add here a few other observations connected with the discoloration of the sea from organic causes.
Seamen invariably attribute the discoloration of the water to spawn; but I found this to be the case only on one occasion.
I noticed a black discoloration, still faintly visible, under Johansen's eye, a mark of the thrashing he had received a few nights before from the sailor.
The discoloration was stubborn, persisting half a month, in which time happened divers events of importance.
Moreover, their research suggests that although it can manifest itself in a number of ways--ranging from minor skin discoloration to solid tumor malignancy--the disease is probably the result of a defect or defects in a single gene.
Water discoloration is not necessarily cause for concern, officials said.
But his research also points to a more aesthetic reason for peeling potatoes before cooking: It lowers the potato's phenol content, causing less grey-black discoloration after cooking (from a binding with iron).
A bridge in the ortho position (22M46) gives excellent antioxidant performance, but a tendency to discoloration (pinking).
blue to white), which often cause bottle streaking and flow-line discoloration.
Exterior items: Look for decay--a telltale sign of chronic moisture invasion is blistering paint, discoloration, or other surface irregularities.
The rapid discoloration of an unstabilized TPU film is evident as depicted in figure 6.