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Why don't we see if every night - and twice in the afternoon - for 12 weeks if a piece of theatre can raise enough of a ruckus to discombobulate the man sitting in the Oval Office?
First, since perps nowadays are not used to old guns which belch fire and brimstone, it will totally discombobulate anyone on the receiving end.
THURSDAY Discombobulate, The Arches, Glasgow Ian MacPherson hosts an outing of the literary/ comedy evening.
The seven conservative Catholics I spoke of probably wish their columns appeared on different days, the more to discombobulate the progressives.
And he ruthlessly used the class issue to discombobulate Douglas Hurd, his grandee challenger for the leadership of the Tory party after Mrs Thatcher's defenestration.
JUNE 2 DiScomBoBuLate, The Arches, Glasgow A laid-back performance night where literature and comedy collide, as established and emergent writers try out new material.