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n. pl. dis·con·form·i·ties
1. Geology A type of unconformity in which the rock layers are parallel.
2. Refusal or failure to conform; nonconformity.


n, pl -ties
1. lack of conformity; discrepancy
2. (Geological Science) the junction between two parallel series of stratified rocks, representing a considerable period of erosion of the much older underlying rocks before the more recent ones were deposited


(ˌdɪs kənˈfɔr mɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. the surface of a division between parallel rock strata, indicating interruption of sedimentation: a type of unconformity.
2. Archaic. nonconformity.
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Thus the rather long period of non-deposition, corresponding to the disconformity between the Oredezh Beds and the Staritsa Beds, cannot be excluded.
The conodont fauna suggest that the PT boundary coincides with the disconformity at the Chhidru-Mianwali formations but the palynological assemblages from the upper-most Chhidru Formation have affinities with Permian as well as Griesbachian (basal Early Triassic).
99-6 provides a disconformity of treatment between the seller of a partnership interest and the acquirer, representing a combination of the rules stated in Sec.
Decisions of the dispute settlement system of the WTO are thus expressed as commands of results, by requiring that the measure recognized as in disconformity be brought in conformity to multilateral obligations.
Taken together, the evidence suggests: 1) ice-margin recession was much slower out of the basin than previously realized; or 2) a disconformity at the top of the till or within the rhythmite sequence marks a period of time between ice-margin recession (lower rhythmites) and resumed rhythmite deposition as lake level dropped and sediment was supplied from the land (upper rhythmites).
Does Disconformity in State Corporate Income Tax Systems Affect Compliance Cost Burdens?
The succession attributed to the Jurassic corresponds to two superposed sedimentary megasequences bound by a major disconformity (Valenzuela et al.
Since names and their signification are entirely arbitrary, such propositions are not, strictly speaking, susceptible of truth or falsity, but only of conformity or disconformity to usage or convention; and all the proof they are capable of, is proof of usage; proof that the words have been employed by others in the acceptation in which the speaker or writer desires to use them" (CW VII, p.
This research thus attempts to study conodonts, the disconformity interval and the Permian-Triassic boundary's paleoecology in the area being studied.
2), the House of Lords had declined to review disconformity of its own test with that applied in Scotland, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, it was time to approve the modest adjustment made by the Court of Appeal in In re Medicaments, (151) The new test was "in harmony with the objective test which the Strasbourg court applies when it is considering whether the circumstances give rise to a reasonable apprehension of bias.
The Chairman PEMRA said that any disconformity to afore-stated directives would be taken seriously that may result into imposition of heavy fines, suspension / revocation of licenses of violators under PEMRA law.