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1. Not connected; separate or detached.
2. Marked by unrelated parts; incoherent: described the accident in a disconnected way.

dis′con·nect′ed·ly adv.
dis′con·nect′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.disconnectedness - state of being disconnected
separation - the state of lacking unity
separability - the capability of being separated
incoherence, incoherency - lack of cohesion or clarity or organization
connectedness, connection, link - the state of being connected; "the connection between church and state is inescapable"
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Levin thought that the clearness of Katavasov's conception of life was due to the poverty of his nature; Katavasov thought that the disconnectedness of Levin's ideas was due to his lack of intellectual discipline; but Levin enjoyed Katavasov's clearness, and Katavasov enjoyed the abundance of Levin's untrained ideas, and they liked to meet and to discuss.
"Many of them lack a sense of purpose in life and experience disconnectedness and deteriorating relationships brought about by social media and technology.
Feelings of connectedness and disconnectedness arise from the heart.
May is Mental Health Month and it should inspire us to think about family, community relationships, and our growing disconnectedness. It is not an invitation for Congress and other troublemakers to lose their collective minds.
A picture of disconnectedness even in one's most familiar place-the home.
Recent research shows that spending time with nature may bring many health benefits, and many environmental programmes around the world are trying to decrease 'nature-deficit' and 'child-nature disconnectedness' in order to improve children's health.
True enough, during the medieval period we do come across sayings about disconnecting from matter so as to cleave to the spirit, yet even then this approach encounters opposition and special limitations aiming to prevent total disconnectedness, which forms a transgression in its own right.
This, in turn, can lead to the idea that the problem is one of public apathy, or disconnectedness. If only people were more aware of the scale of the disaster; if only they cared more or had some deeper engagement with the subject, would they respond differently?
Embedded in his work are pathways for addressing racism, food insecurity, damage to our earth and water supplies, and our growing disconnectedness.
The result of this sense of disconnectedness has relevance to marketing across the board.
Even in times of network disconnectedness, the operator could query all available data on a given fault to find a remedy, or the operator could accurately diagnose problems for higher level maintainers to address.
The savvy emphasis on escape and disconnectedness and repose has resonated among the millennials Getaway aims to reach.