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Noun1.disconsolateness - feeling downcast and disheartened and hopeless
depression - sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy
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Those basic emotions also cover the following emotions: anger = displeasure, irony, dislike, contempt, schadenfreude, rage; joy = gratitude, happiness, pleasure, enthusiasm; sadness = lonelyness, disconsolateness, uneasiness, hopelessness.
No, they had never known until then what sleep is, what it's good for, to whom or what it is of service; and how, for that matter, were they supposed to have had even the remotest knowledge of any such thing, since no provision had ever been made on their behalf for even a hint of anything in the nature of sleep, because the slightest trace of telamonic fatigue would have caused half the buildings in the city to go weak in the knees and cave in, giving way by night, during a marble sleep, in the disconsolateness of dream-disaster mountains of debris and rubble made of the collapsed walls of the burned-out buildings of submerged cities from carelessly forgotten wars; indeed, it would have been exactly like a war, a telamonic sleep war against the city.
Kierkegaard (1954) calls despair "sickness unto death" and elaborates that when one becomes acquainted with an even more dreadful danger (than death), one hopes for death...(and) despair is the disconsolateness of not being able to die.