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Discontinued. I was told by your guardian that you discontinued it under the shock that we have all felt so acutely.
'Then, to be told that you discontinued your study with me, was to be politely told that you abandoned it altogether?' he suggested.
These intimacies quickly became horrible to him, and within the hour began to try to get up courage enough to tell her so, and require that they be discontinued or very considerably modified.
When we borrowed the feeing fashion from Europe a dozen years ago, the salary system ought to have been discontinued, of course.
It has to be discontinued by reason of circumstances over which we have no control and not because we have lost interest in it.
At the very instant, at the first sound of his voice, to carry on the Virgilian metaphor, D'Artagnan's recruits, recognizing each his sovereign lord, discontinued their plank-fighting and trestle blows.
He discontinued all the mighty exercises he had enjoyed through life, when Raoul was no longer with him.
Partridge having now lost his wife, his school, and his annuity, and the unknown person having now discontinued the last-mentioned charity, resolved to change the scene, and left the country, where he was in danger of starving, with the universal compassion of all his neighbours.
He was shown in directly; he came to say that if these offensive precautions were not discontinued, in two hours Paris would be under arms.
On-site support for discontinued product provides annual preventive maintenance services, migration and conversion-planning support on all Rockwell Automation discontinued products included in the contract.
After several years, the psychiatrist discontinued the medication; the patient subsequently developed selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) discontinuation syndrome, including depression and suicidal ideation.
Hillsboro, OR, May 20, 2010 --( R-Squared, a worldwide provider of discontinued and obsolete Fujitsu spare parts, today announces the official release of a new website for Fujisu Scanner Parts.