A collector of or specialist in phonograph records.


(Music, other) a specialist in or collector of vinyl records


(ˈdɪs kəˌfaɪl)

a person who studies and collects phonograph records, esp. those of a rare or specialized nature.


Someone who collects phonograph records.
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He also chronicles the development of the jazz record industry and provides an extensive profile of George Avakian, from his high school years as an avid jazz discophile, to his time at Yale where he joined the United Hot Clubs of America and got to know Marshall Stearns (who in 1956 authored The Story of Jazz), to his advocacy of reissuing classic jazz records, and finally to his role as a jazz producer at Columbia, and later other labels.
The avid discophile may therefore choose both this and the Tallis Scholars' recording, and imagine what a complete recording might have sounded like under David Munrow (sigh).
Along the way we encounter four vividly and sympathetically drawn profiles of record listeners: Clarence the accumulator, Tomas the ritualistic opera queen and discophile, Nina the hypercultured and hypersensitive pianist, and Saul the now-disillusioned opera fan of the 1940s and 1950s.
When a discophile listens to, for instance, the recording concurrently produced by Stokowski and the New Philharmonia Orchestra (1973), who by no means racked their brains with a purist reading of Dvorak's score, he/ she would be unpleasantly surprised by Neumann's coffee-lounge manner.
a Czech discophile will focus his attention first of all and, perhaps, even the most.
Apart from the book series, the Jazz Section published catalogues for exhibitions, concert posters, and the informative discophile Diskorama.
O Wing to albums like this one, the Supraphon archives are cherished by discophiles worldwide.
Now, 30 years on, the shop and its associated massive mail order service feed the passions of discophiles the world over, who go to it to find everything from punk and calypso to grindcore and gospel.
In Ernest's own fashion of bringing very original and one-of-a-kind entertainment fare, he would close the place for around two months almost every year and leave Manila's discophiles guessing what the next brand of interior details would be.
Before its appearance, jazz knowledge seemed to be determined by the size of one's record collection; jazz history and criticism was dominated by highly opinionated discophiles.
Nonetheless, discophiles and those seeking authenticity, musical qualities and novelty (I myself being one of them), these minor deficiencies can be viewed as a pleasant positive.
Last year queues of discophiles snaked across the front of Vinyl Tap, which, like this year, opens to the public at 7am.