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1. The state or an instance of disagreement; discord.
2. Genetics The presence of a given trait in only one member of a pair of identical twins.


(dɪsˈkɔːdəns) or


1. (Geological Science) geology an arrangement of rock strata in which the older underlying ones dip at a different angle from the younger overlying ones; unconformity
2. lack of agreement or consonance
3. (Music, other) variants of discord


(dɪsˈkɔr dns)

1. a discordant state.
2. an instance of this.
[1300–50; Middle English < Anglo-French]
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Noun1.discordance - a harsh mixture of sounds
dissonance - disagreeable sounds
2.discordance - strife resulting from a lack of agreement
strife - bitter conflict; heated often violent dissension




(of colours, sounds, music)Disharmonie f
References in classic literature ?
As they sit listening to the solemn swell, the confidence of last night rises in young Edwin Drood's mind, and he thinks how unlike this music is to that discordance.
The purpose of the law is to serve the interest of the citizens so, when it transpires that there are areas creating discordance, the logical thing is to publicly discuss them and agree on a common strategy of clarifying, harmonising and improving them.
That type of contact falls under sexual discordance and can be, for example, when someone is gay but engages in a heterosexual encounter or when a person is straight and has a homosexual one.
A team of 3 discordance reviewers was assembled, all of whom were professional diagnostic pathologists, with 6, 18, and 34 years of pathology experience.
Aujourd'hui on n'a pas seulement assiste a une discordance entre les communiques de presse et (les declarations des petitionnaires, plus grave on a attribue une declaration) a un representant legitime d'un peuple, alors qu'il n'avait pas encore pris la parole", a denonce M.
Arafat, Outskirts of Makkah, Dhu-AlHijjah 9, 1438, Aug 31, 2017, SPA -- Pilgrims to the House of God began tonight, immediately, after sunset on the 9th day of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, discordance procession from Arafat to the Holy Site of Muzdalifah, for great stand on the plain of Arafat, thus performing the main pillar of the pilgrimage.
Questions' discordance with conditions seen specifically in the office outpatient setting and in the hospital was greater.
The secondary objective was to find out the possible determinants of discordance.
Frequency and percentage of discordance were calculated for each calcium value between 8.
A specific code for Type 2 acute myocardial infarction may have reduced discordance in classification had it been available in ICD-9 [or in the current era in the US, in ICD-10 (10th revision)].
Pour ce qui concerne la Tunisie, il y a trois ou quatre ans, elle s'est focalisee sur les points de discordance entre la legislation nationale et les exigences requises par la CNUCC.
The Non-inferiority study was designed to evaluate the difference in major discordance rates between diagnoses made with digital pathology or microscope.