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1. The state or an instance of disagreement; discord.
2. Genetics The presence of a given trait in only one member of a pair of identical twins.
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(dɪsˈkɔːdəns) or


1. (Geological Science) geology an arrangement of rock strata in which the older underlying ones dip at a different angle from the younger overlying ones; unconformity
2. lack of agreement or consonance
3. (Music, other) variants of discord
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(dɪsˈkɔr dns)

1. a discordant state.
2. an instance of this.
[1300–50; Middle English < Anglo-French]
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Noun1.discordance - a harsh mixture of sounds
dissonance - disagreeable sounds
2.discordance - strife resulting from a lack of agreement
strife - bitter conflict; heated often violent dissension
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(of colours, sounds, music)Disharmonie f
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"You don't know what you're talkin' about." Sarah paused to laugh in mirthless discordance. "Watch for the babies to come.
As they sit listening to the solemn swell, the confidence of last night rises in young Edwin Drood's mind, and he thinks how unlike this music is to that discordance.
Be it political discordance, religious differences or a robbery albeit alleged by a 16-year-old boy, we seem to only find solutions in extreme action to the extent of committing cold-blooded murder.
It said that the visit is in discordance with the kingdom's trends and policies to boost citizenship and defend the kingdom's sovereignty against all attempts to encroach on it.
In sections on seasons, engines, and discordance, they consider such topics as weathering time in the Wanderer, a portrait of the translator as Grendel's Mother: the postcolonial feminist polyphony of Meghan Purvis' Beowulf, the Paris Psalter and English literary history, kenning and things: towards an object-oriented skaldic poetics, and spoiled and eaten: figures of absorption in medieval English poetry.
Biomarkers were evaluated by 3 breast pathologists (I.J.B., S.J., and A.N.), with special attention to any histologic discordance (eg, negative staining for ER or PR in mucinous, tubular, or invasive lobular carcinoma, grade 1) or lack of appropriate external or internal positive controls.
He said this would avoid the problem of discordance voices that usually come out of such meetings, he noted often leave the public without real facts of the deliberations.
Neves et al18 identified that in twin gestations the prediction of foetal birth weight discordance on ultrasound is limited which is contrary to our study as in our study majority of the estimated foetal weights on ultrasound were accurate.
Among them is the discordance question, doctor-patient confidentiality, church confessions and miracles, et cetera.KIRAGU KARIUKU, Nyeri
In eating disorders research, examining concordance (i.e., agreement) and discordance (i.e., disagreement) with triadic data is not unique (Hoste, Lebow, & Le Grange, 2015; Winn et al., 2007), however it is limited mostly to clinical samples (Dancyger, Fornari, Scionti, Wisotsky, & Sunday, 2005; Waller, Calam, & Slade, 1988).
ORLANDO -- Significant discordance exists between average glucose and hemoglobin [A.sub.1c] measures in patients with certain comorbidities, according to findings from a retrospective chart review.