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 (dĭ-skûr′ĭj, -skŭr′-)
tr.v. dis·cour·aged, dis·cour·ag·ing, dis·cour·ag·es
1. To deprive of confidence, hope, or spirit: Making so little progress after so much effort discouraged us.
2. To dissuade or deter (someone) from doing something: My adviser discouraged me from applying to big universities.
3. To try to prevent by expressing disapproval or raising objections: The agency discouraged all travel to the areas hardest hit by the disease.

[Middle English discoragen, from Old French descoragier : des-, dis- + corage, courage; see courage.]

dis·cour′age·a·ble adj.
dis·cour′ag·er n.
dis·cour′ag·ing·ly adv.
Synonyms: discourage, dishearten, dismay, dispirit
These verbs mean to make less hopeful or enthusiastic: researchers who were discouraged by the problem's magnitude; apathy that disheartened the instructor; did not let the technical difficulties dismay them; a failure that dispirited the team.
Antonym: encourage
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Adv.1.discouragingly - in a discouraging manner; "the failure rate on the bar exam is discouragingly high"
encouragingly - in an encouraging manner; "`Go on,' he said encouragingly to his student"


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So poor Meg sang and rocked, told stories and tried every sleep-prevoking wile she could devise, but all in vain, the big eyes wouldn't shut, and long after Daisy had gone to byelow, like the chubby little bunch of good nature she was, naughty Demi lay staring at the light, with the most discouragingly wide-awake expression of countenance.
His summary of what he thinks of as bizarre times may ring discouragingly familiar:
Simply and discouragingly put, sabre-rattling on the Korean Peninsula has increased the risk of direct conflict with the North, which would shatter the relationship between China and the US.
Most discouragingly, the 23-year-old Arshakyan failed to make an impact, managing just 1 shot, and hasnt displayed MLS-level footwork.
But veterans shouldn't have to start all over at the beginning of training periods that are often discouragingly long by design.
Abell reported a discouragingly faint photographic magnitude of 15.
Voter turnout was discouragingly low, and the Labour candidate squeaked into office with 37 percent of the vote.
The prevalence of bullying is discouragingly high, estimated to be about 20% in national surveys.
Occasionally she checks in, and finds several inquiries--men in late middle age, whose smiling photographs seem to her discouragingly in that category of person who hasn't aged well.
After years of discouragingly negative HIV vaccine studies, researchers finally turned a corner in 2009 with the reported results of the U.
All you have to do is flip through the pages of a surfing magazine to see that men are overrepresented, and even more discouragingly, the focus on female surfers is on swimsuits rather than shredding.
With the rapid arrival of warm weather, the problem has surfaced earlier than in previous years and is discouragingly overwhelming.