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Not if you think she will not be back till late," adding, as if suddenly aware of some discourtesy in his speech, "and I should miss the pleasure of walking home with you.
This thrust did in a most sudden sort close the king's mouth, and he could offer naught to turn the argument; and so, reluctant, and full loth to do you the discourtesy, he yet prayeth you to consider his per- plexed case, as noting how the matter stands, and name the calamity -- if so be you have determined the nature of it and the time of its coming.
But my steward has expounded to you the cause of my seeming discourtesy.
For all that," said Don Quixote, "it will be well to visit the discourtesy of that devil upon some of those in the cart, even if it were the emperor himself.
I trust," he said, "that you will not for a moment consider me guilty of any discourtesy to the Countess, for whom I have a great respect and liking.
I write without her knowledge, and I hope that you will not associate her with my discourtesy.
Her quick temper instantly resented the discourtesy of which she had been made the object.
Afterwards he amended his discourtesy, and I forgot the offence.
He probably felt that a continued refusal, under these circumstances, would not only be an act of discourtesy in itself, but would also imply that the proceedings in his establishment were not of a nature to bear investigation by respectable strangers.
Over-much civility is sometimes no better than over-much discourtesy, for, as the saying is, one can choke a guest with curds.
And from all about rose the low and sleepy hum of mountain bees--feasting Sybarites that jostled one another good-naturedly at the board, nor found time for rough discourtesy.
It was plain enough to discern that the old fellows dreaded some such discourtesy at my hands.