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1. Possessed of, exercising, or showing prudence and self-restraint in speech and behavior; circumspect: The teacher was discreet in discussing the student's behavior. We followed him but kept a discreet distance.
2. Made, done, or situated so as to attract little notice: made a discreet exit out the back door; lovers seeking a discreet place to meet.

[Middle English, from Old French discret, from Medieval Latin discrētus, from Latin, past participle of discernere, to separate, discern; see discern.]

dis·creet′ly adv.
dis·creet′ness n.
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Noun1.discreetness - knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress; "the servants showed great tact and discretion"
sagaciousness, sagacity, discernment, judgement, judgment - the mental ability to understand and discriminate between relations
confidentiality - discretion in keeping secret information
2.discreetness - subtly skillful handling of a situation
tact, tactfulness - consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense
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حَذَر، حَصافَه، رَزانَه
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nDiskretheit f; (of account)taktvolle Art; (of jewellery, tie, dress, decoration)dezente Art
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(diˈskriːt) adjective
wise, cautious and not saying anything which might cause trouble. My secretary won't let the secret out – she's very discreet.
diˈscreetness noun
diˈscretion (-ˈskre-) noun
1. discreetness. A secretary needs discretion and tact.
2. personal judgement. I leave the arrangements entirely to your discretion; The money will be distributed at the discretion of the management.
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You have not taken the discreetness I have shown into consideration, although you were interested in remaining silent.
Have an affair," Ashley Madison advertises itself as a dating service for married people to have "discreet encounters." Despite promises of discreetness, the data were put in the public domain through a hack in 2015 that included 36 million user accounts, including one million paid users in the United States.
Late scratches: Discreetness, Travel West Claimed: Trumpi
Status of white croaker Micropogonias furnieri exploited in southern Brazil according to alternative of stock discreetness. Fisheries Research, 80: 196-202.
The holster body is made of industrial VELCRO with extended 3- and 1-inch bands to help mate it closely to upper torso to maintain maximum retention, discreetness and comfort.
"Hygiene consumers are looking for comfort delivered by softness, dryness, fit, and discreetness. We offer the broadest range of solutions to satisfy these requirements, including topsheet, landing zone, backsheet, elastic panel, and barrier material, to delight the end customer in the usage experience," says Berry's D'Acchioli.
He was making the point that much as boda-boda operators have revolutionised public transport across the country, they equally have high nuisance value, where instead of sticking to the straight and narrow by abiding by the rules of trade and refusing to be used for illegal activities, the mostly youthful industry has allowed itself to be used and abused by all manner of unscrupulous characters who take advantage of the discreetness provided by motorcycle riders to commit and abet criminal activities of various forms, including peddling drugs.TASK FORCEAs a solution, the CS proclaimed the setting up of a task force to recommend a new set of regulations for boda-boda riders, a legal regime that will take effect in February 2019.But this wasn't the main agenda for the day.
With a discreetness that marks Egan's best writing here, he draws the reader's attention to the phrase "mother of us" in the "No worst" sonnet: the plural pronoun attenuates the feeling of solitude that the poem gives off and could indeed be seen as speech arising from within the Christian community (as in the possessive adjective of the phrase "our sweet reprieve" in "Felix Randal"); this attenuation further stressed by the euphony created by the dual [a] in the phrase.
Why are you asking about Russians?" I sipped my beer, and decided to follow my own version of discreetness. "A friend of mine is doing some work for him and I wanted to check he's legit," I said.
Adolescents, on the other hand, were more concerned about the physical features of the device, the wear-ability the discreetness of using it, and the comfort," said Dr.