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1. Constituting a separate thing: Computers treat time as a series of discrete moments rather than a continuous flow. See Synonyms at distinct.
2. Consisting of unconnected distinct parts: society viewed as a discrete whole of individual agents.
3. Mathematics Defined for a finite or countable set of values; not continuous.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin discrētus, past participle of discernere, to separate; see discern.]

dis·crete′ly adv.
dis·crete′ness n.
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As a separate unit:
Idioms: one at a time, one by one.
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These clear anodized hinges are robust and appropriate for a multitude of industrial applications while also discretely installed where a "low-key" presence is required.
"This clinic is located at the Communicable Diseases Hospital, in the building of Islamic Medicine, and it operates 24 hours a day with a privacy policy that allows patients to receive their results discretely," she said.
"The unit will receive members grievances, handle them discretely and professionally, and offer solutions.
In partnership with the privacy tech firm, InfoArmor, NetGuard SELECT policyholders will have a personal Privacy Advocate to discretely investigate, follow up, and escalate procedures to for a rapid restoration of personal information after a breach.
Should you use your card, cover your hand discretely when typing the PIN.
This adult in a childs body can scheme to get into a mans house, be intimate with him, because she enjoys it, and then go back to her parents home discretely.
The Health Department was informed discretely that the factory had been established which was playing with the health of innocent citizens.
The most that he has done that was at least open to the public although discretely carried out was when he visited children afflicted with cancer at the House of Hope at the Southern Philippines Medical Center compound.
I invite all companies to take the opportunity to invest and to occupy lots in the technological and development industrial zones and they will be entitled to absolutely the same measures which are not negotiated discretely with every company," Angjusev said.
The member of staff can then offer to call a taxi for you, provide a safe place for you to call a friend, or just help you to leave the venue discretely if you were feeling unsafe due to your date's actions, words or behaviour."

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