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1. Constituting a separate thing: Computers treat time as a series of discrete moments rather than a continuous flow. See Synonyms at distinct.
2. Consisting of unconnected distinct parts: society viewed as a discrete whole of individual agents.
3. Mathematics Defined for a finite or countable set of values; not continuous.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin discrētus, past participle of discernere, to separate; see discern.]

dis·crete′ly adv.
dis·crete′ness n.
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Noun1.discreteness - the state of being several and distinct
separation - the state of lacking unity
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Together with a series of advanced technologies such as upgraded conformal technology, irregular grid processing technology and leading model discreteness, the solver will bring accurate simulation results quickly.
The influence of the discreteness of the winding on the mass and dimensional parameters of the toroidal storage.
Their discreteness is highly applauded anyway; in the midst of social media monitoring, they held the ceremony in Lagos.
The fatigue life discreteness of some rocklike specimens was relatively large, but from the fitting results of the test data, the correlation coefficient [R.sup.2] was 0.85 above.
Discreteness of cyberthreat actors' activities remind us that it is of critical importance for companies to have in their possesion all necessary tools and solutions that would be intelligent enough to protect them from such sophisticated threats.
Bhasin said as a conscious decision and with a view to maintaining discreteness, the names of borrower accounts or entities, and the names of the banks have not been disclosed in the report.
The former is collective but, as a social space, too rigidly conformist; it is "the one (or the few) who speaks to the many." The latter is individualized, but lacks social cohesion; in the museum, "the many communicate with the many." As such, it corresponds to the fundamental values of modern Western society: "the individual, the object, the market, progress, pluralism." The problem today, she argues, is that this ideology of atomization and discreteness (the autonomy of works of art, taxonomies of display, the privileging of the visual, etc.) is not conducive to long-term social connections.
The microscopy images showed that low-fat Cheddar cheeses containing concentrated emulsions had larger fat globules with more discreteness and greater homogeneity in size and shape, compared to the control cheeses.
This quantum mechanism determines the discreteness of the set of phenomena there.
Punctuality, fastidiousness and discreteness endear Jende to his boss, who has some indiscretions in his work and private life.
There was obvious discreteness of the fitting results because the leachate sampling was inhomogeneous in field site.

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