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In matters of high importance, particularly in cases relating to the game, the justice was not always attentive to these admonitions of his clerk; for, indeed, in executing the laws under that head, many justices of peace suppose they have a large discretionary power, by virtue of which, under the notion of searching for and taking away engines for the destruction of the game, they often commit trespasses, and sometimes felony, at their pleasure.
If the particular States in this country are disposed to stand in a similar relation to each other, and to drop the project of a general DISCRETIONARY SUPERINTENDENCE, the scheme would indeed be pernicious, and would entail upon us all the mischiefs which have been enumerated under the first head; but it would have the merit of being, at least, consistent and practicable Abandoning all views towards a confederate government, this would bring us to a simple alliance offensive and defensive; and would place us in a situation to be alternate friends and enemies of each other, as our mutual jealousies and rivalships, nourished by the intrigues of foreign nations, should prescribe to us.
"Well," she said, "I have large discretionary powers.
The only comfort he received was from this minister, who assured him that the Government, being now driven to the exercise of the extreme prerogatives of the Crown, were determined to exert them; that a proclamation would probably be out upon the morrow, giving to the military, discretionary and unlimited power in the suppression of the riots; that the sympathies of the King, the Administration, and both Houses of Parliament, and indeed of all good men of every religious persuasion, were strongly with the injured Catholics; and that justice should be done them at any cost or hazard.
By virtue of my discretionary power, I hold you at the court's disposition."
"Joseph Rouletabille," said Maitre Henri Robert, "has not been regularly subpoenaed as a witness, but I hope, Monsieur President, you will examine him in virtue of your discretionary powers."
As for what is the matter with him, my good fellow, it is no use my giving you an answer which would be double Dutch to you; moreover, I have still to test your discretionary powers.
In the present study, physicians' perceived value for patient care was identified as the consequence of the discretionary use of FPIS and defined as the benefits of the FPIS to patients and patient care.
Neither the Labour Law nor the Employment Law contain provisions in respect of bonuses and it is therefore a discretionary matter for employers in the UAE and the DIFC as to whether employees receive bonus payments and, if so, how the underlying schemes are operated.
Discretionary housing payments are given to people who qualify for either housing benefit or the housing element of the new Universal Credit, and who are struggling with housing costs.
ISLAMABAD -- The federal government has lowered the president's discretionary fund to Rs1,000, it was learnt on Wednesday.