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Capable of being discriminated; distinguishable: discriminable faults; a skyline that was discriminable even through smog.

dis·crim′i·na·bil′i·ty (-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
dis·crim′i·na·bly adv.
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capable of being discriminated
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(dɪˈskrɪm ə nə bəl)

capable of being discriminated or distinguished.
dis•crim′i•na•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.discriminable - capable of being discriminated; "discriminable faults"
distinguishable - capable of being perceived as different or distinct; "only the shine of their metal was distinguishable in the gloom"; "a project distinguishable into four stages of progress"; "distinguishable differences between the twins"
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Chen, "Discriminable roles of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in establishment of dengue outbreaks in Taiwan," Acta Tropica, vol.
Conclusions are limited by the small sample size and consequent low power, however on the basis of the present data outcomes for the two ethnic groups were not statistically discriminable. Further, the average effect sizes of 0.48 and 0.56 were clearly similar, the effect for Maori being 86% of that for non-Maori and the difference between effects (0.08) would be classified as a small effect.
These letters have been shown to be much more equally discriminable, (17,18) since the low spatial frequencies, where letters vary most, are filtered out, reducing measurement variability compared to conventional letter designs.
Just as the seventies cinema splintered into two broadly discriminable strands--the classical studio style updated by Spielberg, De Palma, Lucas, and Bogdanovich, and the European-influenced countercultural impulse of Pakula, Altman, and Ashby--Fincher's peers tend to pursue one or other of these aesthetic programs.
Although some studies showed that BCLC staging system performed poorly in predicting the survival of patients with early HCC after liver resection, [sup][24] our study demonstrated that BCLC staging has a superior discriminable ability for early stage HCC between Stage 0 and Stage A ( P = 0.0195).
On the other hand, less discriminable expressions should show a more distributed profile, with high ratings on incorrect categories.
This difference is not of perceptual origin (the factors levels were no less discriminable in the Fear than in the Pain task) and seems rather to reflect a differential aspect of the processing of the two kinds of expressive information.
Moreover, methanolic preparations containing Anacardium occidental in different concentrations exposed to HepG2 cells showed discriminable expression profiles (Khaleghi et al., 2011).