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An expression used to distinguish or separate other expressions in a quantity or equation.
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(Mathematics) an algebraic expression related to the coefficients of a polynomial equation whose value gives information about the roots of the polynomial: b2 – 4ac is the discriminant of ax2 + bx + c = 0.
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(dɪˈskrɪm ə nənt)

a relatively simple mathematical expression that determines some of the properties, as the nature of the roots, of a given equation or function.
[1830–40; < Latin discrīminant-, s. of discrīmināns, present participle of discrīmināre to divide up, separate]
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Based on lectures delivered at the National University of Singapore, the graduate textbook introduces GaussAEs theory of binary quadratic forms and walks through a series of theorems for describing the set of prime numbers that can be represented by an integral binary quadratic form of discriminant ?.
Some researchers utilize the label information of multi-view data to extract effect discriminant information [14-21].
To investigate the importance and influence of each variable for the geographical mesoregions studied, we used the canonical discriminant analysis, based on the distances of Mahalanobis (1948).
These weblogs comprise necessary data of the network users which can be utilized to discover user patterns through the use of data mining techniques such as classification which includes K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) classifier, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), ID3, C4.5, Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machine (SVM), and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) [5-7].
Keywords: Behavioral biases, Risk, Exploratory factor analysis, Discriminant analysis, Investment behavior
Information obtained from the questionnaires was initially processed using discrimination analysis in the robust discriminant analysis program (ROBDIS) (28,29).
Wavelet decomposition of these features result in sub-bands encompassing low and high frequency components which carry useful information for classification, however some sub-bands are more significant than others and an intelligent selection of these discriminant sub-bands is likely to increase overall performance of the face recognition system.
This study aimed at evaluating the body weight (BW) and biometric traits [breast girth (BG), neck circumference (NC), Back length (BL), wing length (WL), thigh length (TL), thigh circumference (TC), shank length (SL) and shank circumference (SC)] of two newly introduced and one Nigerian indigenous chicken strains using multivari ate principal components (PCs) and to classify the three genotypes using discriminant analysis.
The following methods are applied mostly in multivariate statistical analysis: hierarchical clustering linear discriminant method based on Fisher theory [13-15] and hydrochemical concentration forecast method based on artificial neural networks [16-18].
Hence, approaches based on discriminant functions using morphometric data from a sample of birds with known sex became a standard procedure in studies of monomorphic bird species from different families (Huynen et al.
This study was to analyze the association of infections with PPROM in pregnant women in Shaanxi, China, and to establish Bayesian stepwise discriminant analysis to predict the incidence of PPROM.