discriminate against

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w>discriminate against

vi +prep objdiskriminieren; they were discriminated againstsie wurden diskriminiert
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Cuomo called on the Department of Financial Services to investigate reports that state-regulated advertisers are using Facebook, Inc.'s advertising platform to discriminate against protected classes.
But Duale urged the commission to treat all state officers according to the Constitution and not to discriminate against MPs or any state officers.
"The ruling does not permit anyone to discriminate against LGBT people.
Technically, it is illegal to discriminate against any Dabawenyo, with the anti-discrimination ordinance recently passed by the city government.
Israel has adopted 65 laws that allow it to discriminate against non-Jews, even though its defenders claim that's a stretch.
The counsel asked the court to order the government not to discriminate against the opposition members and allow Christian grant to the petitioner as well.
Campaigners say the regulations, introduced in April 2013, have had a "devastating" impact, and argue that they "unjustifiably" discriminate against the disabled.
It is against the law to discriminate against you for being too young or to old.
UKIP has declared war on cycle lanes in Newcastle - by claiming they discriminate against the elderly.
It should be against the law to discriminate against soldiers, says Ian Austin (Lab, Dudley North).
Lawyers in 10 cases at London's High Court are seeking a ruling that the regulations, introduced on April 1, "unjustifiably discriminate against housing benefit claimants who are disabled or care for disabled family members".