discriminative stimulus

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Noun1.discriminative stimulus - a stimulus that provides information about what to do
stimulant, stimulus, stimulation, input - any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse action
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These results are also compatible with the suggestions by Keller and Schoenfeld (1950) that the stimulus to be conditioned through operant discrimination must be established as a discriminative stimulus if it is to function as a conditioned reinforcer.
The side keys (left and right) could be illuminated either green (Discriminative Stimulus, DS or S+) or red (Delta Stimulus, [DELTA]S or S-).
These interactions can and must be avoided because the handling of the researchers may be functioning as a discriminative stimulus. Also, the intensity of the electric shocks (6.3 mA) administered to the animals can be significantly decreased.
They found positive transfer between a discriminative stimulus trained with one instrumental response and a different instrumental response that shared the outcome, uncovering the role of the SD-O association in controlling instrumental performance.
The additional diagnostic procedure superimposes an additional discriminative stimulus on each word.
A discriminative stimulus sets an occasion for a response that has characteristically received reinforcement in the past.
That is, if one learns to directly tact "Juice" in the presence of the discriminative stimulus (picture of juice), they may not emit the mand or "Juice" given relevant EO (cup of juice).
Discriminative stimulus effects of mu and kappa opioids in the pigeon: analysis of the effects of full and partial mu and kappa agonists.
On the other hand, an odor may serve as a discriminative stimulus rather than a conditioned stimulus.
Skinner[30] also posits that operants often come under the control of a discriminative stimulus which acts by signalling the availability of reinforcement contingent on the emission of a response.
Perhaps the most important of these is that if females never encounter a negative discriminative stimulus during sexual imprinting (a mother in our example), then we would expect no elaboration of their sexual preferences.
Correct responding for match-to-sample trials was operationally defined as touching the discriminative stimulus (SD) within 3 s of stimulus presentation.