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1. Covering a wide field of subjects; rambling.
2. Proceeding to a conclusion through reason rather than intuition.

[Medieval Latin discursīvus, from Latin discursus, running about; see discourse.]

dis·cur′sive·ly adv.
dis·cur′sive·ness n.
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Adv.1.discursively - in a rambling manner
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Still she did not speak and, prompted by an obscure desire to help himself and her through their miserable last hour, he went on discursively: "Ain't it funny we haven't been down together but just that once last winter?"
She returns to the material of her first solo exhibition but this time employed discursively.
This discursively monumental debut collection asserts unwavering pressure on the idea of "Australia"; from within colonially bounded domains, where "One Nation voters eat [] lamb on Australia Day," activist and poet Alison Whittaker asks that her readers look beyond mundanely whitewashed scenes, the 179 pages of Blakwork fed up with mindless gluttonies, racist hegemonies, and infrastructural violences.
The novels discursively evacuate the territories to pave the way for expansionism and, also, conform to the broader disruptive colonial discourse that has always been used to legitimize the colonial adventures.
To support this argument, Bollmer traces the roots of our modern fascination with networks to medicinal literature (dating back as far as the 1600s) that discursively produce the body as a system of networks to be maintained.
These videos discursively frame boredom as both an everyday reality of adolescent life, and as a lurking affective threat that can only be managed through networked modes of communication.
The last part of Baroque Between the Wars is discursively informative.
This year, ANWW has accepted fellows whose works discursively engage Philippine landscape/ seascape/cityscape.
Their existence is comprehended as an attack per se, and the visibility of that existence continues to haunt the Zionist colonial project, as Israel continues trying to make Palestinians disappear discursively and physically.
The book's essays display the unitary theme of Ginsborg's entire work: namely, that cognition presupposes prediscursive, imaginative responses to the world that are not discursively justified, but that do involve a primitive claim to their own normativity, as exhibited in aesthetic and teleological judgments.
As shown in previous studies (Dancygier and Sweetser 2012; Hart 2014), deixis and modality are key linguistic concepts to understanding how point of view, perspective and subjectivity are discursively constructed.
The focus of the present study is on the discursively constructed and publicly displayed performance of CEO leadership in the context of competition-driven organizational change.