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Noun1.discussion section - a small class of students who are part of a larger course but are taught separately; "a graduate student taught sections for the professor's lecture course"
grade, class, course, form - a body of students who are taught together; "early morning classes are always sleepy"
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Please note, all substitutions shall be submitted in iSupplier%s Online Discussion section on or before the deadline for questions and will be approved in advance of the deadline for submission of offers.
There is little debate that the discussion section is the place where limitations should be voiced in a scientific article.
Their discussion section is most revealing, in discussing their own finding of a statistically significant relative risk of 1.
Each of the 10 chapters in this book features a conceptual discussion section that gives readers the big picture and the principles; a system requirements section that helps instructors to prepare for the lab setup; a detailed tutorial section with abundant screenshots that confirm progress along the way; a Q/A section to answer common questions; an assignment section for readers to practice what they have just learned; and a robust reference section.
The discussion section of over 100 pages again repeats some of the previous reports, but has been somewhat updated, and now stands as the current authoritative statement on the evidence base and its interpretation.
We would like to thank the author for his valuable contribution and correction of the sentence in the Discussion section of our manuscript.
The challenges associated with the discussion section and relationships to the results were discussed.
1per 1000 words) and boosters occur mostly in Discussion section (9.
Are only the positive results emphasized in the abstract and discussion section, while the negative results are glossed over?
Detroit Free Press Assistant Managing Editor Stefanie Murray posted as an apology in the Discussion section on the Amazon page.
The rationale for this strategy is that what may not be pursued in the current project may provide material for the part of the discussion section where we propose future research directions.
The purpose of the Discussion section is to explain what the results mean and what contribution the paper makes to the field of study (15).