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tr.v. dis·em·pow·ered, dis·em·pow·er·ing, dis·em·pow·ers
To deprive of power or influence.

dis′em·pow′er·ment n.


[ˌdɪsɪmˈpaʊərmənt] nperte d'autonomie f
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Effectively, this translates to the increasing disempowerment of workers, and their consequent social marginalization.
The issue of Muslim women's empowerment and disempowerment are no longer issues for debate within Muslim societies.
He goes on to state that there was a general culture of fear and disempowerment among staff that hampered them from challenging or engaging with authority.
Employing gender as an analytic lens, Colvin places cultural sources in dialogue with political developments to understand the limitations on femininity, the disempowerment of women, and the reinforcement of the French political actors as masculine at the end of World War II, despite women's enfranchisement.
Even well intentioned loved ones can add to the victims' disempowerment but clumsily and persistently asking unwelcomed questions.
He said the concern was that almost everything involved in the process fell within the Welsh Government's definition of commercial activity, and therefore all aspects would have to be at least negotiated with Historic Wales: "The complexity of that, and in some ways the disempowerment of the museum - the fact that we would be relying on another body to approve or do some of these things is a serious concern," said Mr Anderson.
The gradual disempowerment of teachers, of parents, of authority over the generations hasn't helped that sort of attitude.
With the theme Youth unemployment and land reform, it has infused the land reform program into the discourse to educate the youth about the importance of understanding the role played by lack of access to land in their disempowerment.
Sen and Dreze argue that political disempowerment coupled with an underestimation of the socio-economic value of primary education by India's political elites has resulted in a lopsided primary education policy.
Rather, it examines the ways in which motherhood is experienced and perceived in the context of adoption, illuminating how both birth mothers and adoptive mothers must grapple with scrutiny and disempowerment on their journeys to find appropriate support and validation.
It was about responding to the disempowerment people who receive public services often feel; the disempowerment people who work in public services often feel.
AS A WOMEN'S ORGANISATION, SISTER NAMIBIA, PRIMARILY WORKS WITH WOMEN AND CHILDREN, BUT While empowering the most vulnerable, matters of gender-based violence (GBV) and modes of disempowerment are human issues and is a battle that will be lost unless all stakeholders are involved, which very importantly includes men.