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The disdainful ocean did not open wide to swallow up my audacity, though the ship, the ridiculous and ancient GALERE of my folly, the old, weary, disenchanted sugar-waggon, seemed extremely disposed to open out and swallow up as much salt water as she could hold.
As soon as she had disenchanted it the queen went back to the palace.
At last he dreamt one night that he found a beautiful purple flower, and that in the middle of it lay a costly pearl; and he dreamt that he plucked the flower, and went with it in his hand into the castle, and that everything he touched with it was disenchanted, and that there he found his Jorinda again.
Each remembered thing in the room was disenchanted, was deadened as an unlit transparency, till her wandering gaze came to the group of miniatures, and there at last she saw something which had gathered new breath and meaning: it was the miniature of Mr.
Then she disenchanted another girl, whom the Queen addressed as Evrose, and afterwards a boy named Evardo, who was older than his brother Evring.
Yet I do my part to save him still: I give him to understand that drinking makes his eyes dull, and his face red and bloated; and that it tends to render him imbecile in body and mind; and if Annabella were to see him as often as I do, she would speedily be disenchanted; and that she certainly will withdraw her favour from him, if he continues such courses.
Female loveliness, in especial, is more than one-half disenchanted beneath its evil eye.
I divine thee well: thou hast become the enchanter of all the world; but for thyself thou hast no lie or artifice left,--thou art disenchanted to thyself!
The red fire-light glowed on their two bonny heads, and revealed their faces animated with the eager interest of children; for, though he was twenty-three and she eighteen, each had so much of novelty to feel and learn, that neither experienced nor evinced the sentiments of sober disenchanted maturity.
Scottish Lib Dem health spokesman Alex Cole-Hamilton said the Scottish Government was presiding over a system that is leaving doctors "exhausted and disenchanted".
Ferguson, expected to be at Old Trafford today for the crunch clash with Liverpool, has been impressed at Solskjaer's emphasis on traditional club values, a return to the club's attacking DNA and bonding a dressing room that had become disenchanted under Mourinho.
Sherpao welcomed the new entrants into the party fold and said that the people had become disenchanted with the government due to its flawed policies.